They Came from Beyond Space (1967) 1080p

They Came from Beyond Space (1967) 1080p

They Came from Beyond Space is a movie starring Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne, and Zia Mohyeddin. Scientists investigating an unusual meteor shower in a rural field are possessed by an alien force bent on an ulterior purpose.

  • Rating:
    4.6 out of 10
  • Genre: Adventure | Sci-Fi
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Run Time: 85 min
  • Add Time: 10/06/2020
  • Votes: 0 Likes
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Size: 1.42 GB
  • Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
  • Seeds/Peers: 3 / 1

Summary for the movie

Astronomers investigate a mysterious meteorite shower in a rural English farm field. The rocks which fell, landed in a V-formation. Dr. Richard Arden, preeminent in the field of extraterrestrial study, is not permitted to accompany his colleagues, including his girlfriend Lee Mason, because he is still recovering from the effects of a recent motor accident. The scientists are summarily taken over by some alien force, and others in the area are dying from a mysterious "crimson plague," which covers their bodies with drops of blood. Temple seems the only person immune to both maladies, so if he can discover the reason for this immunity, he may yet foil the alien plan to take earthlings back to the moon for their own sinister purposes.



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